Saturday, August 12, 2017

28 Memories

Traveling to Vancouver B.C. and exploring Granville Island, Stanley Park and Gastown

Bringing Ruby home, she's our new Boxer pup!

Capturing new family photos

Celebrating Deena is Las Vegas

Taking the triplets to the Harvest House in Greenbluff

Taking wine shots to celebrate Spencer and Mallory

Celebrating and dancing with Chris and Deena (and meeting Sammy J!)

Riding in our first hot air balloon and hiking through the Redwood Forest

Celebrating Thanksgiving with family and hosting our friends "Friendsgiving"

Taking Ruby on her first trail run and hike

Ringing in 2017 with the new Waterfall's

Celebrating the triplet's first birthday

Celebrating Valentine's Day at this cozy spot, followed by changing a flat tire in rain

Completing my Total Barre certification and teaching my first class at Lululemon

College reunions with the Dollhouse

Soaking up sunshine and baseball in Phoenix, Arizona with dad and Karen

Hosting my first benefit class at Hot Feet Fitness

Riding the train to Portland, Oregon with Gonzaga friends

Hiking to new places 

Traveling to Florida with my sister and mom's family

Exploring new places

Completing our backyard space

Ferry rides to Vashon Island, Washington

Attending our 5th annual Sunland Fourth of July trip