Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Surviving Winter

If you are living amidst cold temperatures right now, here are a few items that will help make winter a bit less harsh!

1) Bag Balm is by far the best for dry skin and lips! I use this each night to prevent skin redness and irritation. I also apply this on my dog's nose as well, did you know dry noes on dogs are extremely painful? Purchase at Costco!

2) Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil. I get both of these at Trader Joe's. I apply Jojoba to my face in the morning as a moisturizer and Tea Tree to my face at night to help control acne and keep my face from drying out.

3) Moroccan Oil is a great product for your hair! I often stray away from hair products since they left my hair feeling oily and greasy. This doesn't leave any residue and keeps my ends looking healthy in between trims.

4) Brisk Running Gloves. These are the best! Keep your hands warm and also use your smart phone at the same time.

5) Infinity scarfs will keep your neck and ears warm when you walk to work in the mornings and home at night. I love the selection and price at H+M.

6) Hunter boot socks. I got two pairs of these last year for Christmas and they are super cozy and warm. I also love this brand from Costco. Very affordable and great for any other pair of boots.

7) Emery boards, as weird as that sounds. My nails are very brittle and chip all the time during winter, which then snag on everything! For the days when my nail polish is wearing off and when I haven't had time to apply another coat, I am always thankful for keep one of these in my purse.

Last but not least! Water, drink up!

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