Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Styles

We have been having some gorgeous days lately, which makes me very excited for Spring! While working downtown, I am being tempted by many sales (but not giving in) everyday! Here are a few pieces that I have my eye on, hoping prices to drop a bit. Olive Green, Blush and Embroidered tops are totally my jam, also loving bold prints, simple sandals and floppy hats. Lately, Factory J.Crew and H&M are where I find myself shopping most. What styles are catching your eye lately?

Speaking of sales, here is a great tip to remember next time you are out shopping.

Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 Reasons to Have a Dog


1) They keep you active! I find myself walking much more now that we have Mya, we are also running after work now that it is light outside.

2) Your dog most likely thinks you are the greatest thing on earth. For all those days you are feeling down, just wait until you get home. Your arrival will be the highlight of your pup's day!

3) You'll gain an extra shadow. Every time I go into a room or shut a door, it's certain that Mya is laying down and waiting for me to let her in.

4) Lap dogs. Mya has a love for cuddling that I just can't resist!

5) Joy and laughter. Dustin and I are always cracking up at something Mya did. It's safe to say, we are a bit obsessed with her.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Weekend

How was your weekend? We enjoyed time with friends, good food and beautiful weather!

On Friday night we went out for tacos + margaritas with our friends Tyler and Marissa. We met up at Cactus which overlooks Alki beach, it was a fun night! Saturday morning, Dustin planned a surprise brunch for me as a belated Valentine's celebration. We went to Daniel's Broiler on Lake Washington. Eggs Benedict and coffee is totally my love language!

Our view!

Later that day, I ventured out with Mya to look at paint samples at Home Depot. We are painting the interior walls in our house a light gray. Luckily, Dustin and I had no trouble choosing what color we both liked!

On Sunday, I spent the day in Gig Harbor with Becky! We enjoyed our time together walking the Harbor, browsing through shops and sampling beer at Seven Seas Brewery.

We ended our day together curled up by the fireplace with a glass of wine and shrimp scampi, it was time to watch the Oscars!

Another good weekend in the books!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping Yourself Accountable

Now that February is almost to an end, it's time to review how our 2015 resolutions are coming along! Although I have remained consistent with fitness for many years now, I "fell off the wagon" after my mom passed away and then again around the holiday season. I promised myself I would get myself into a routine again for 2015, knowing that a routine would make me successful.

The first thing I did was join the new LA Fitness in our neighborhood. I am not as self-motivated as I used to be, I wanted to take classes that I could get excited about! So far I have taken Zumba, Yoga, Spin (Dustin takes this with me), Bodyworks + Abs and Bootcamp. It makes working out so much better. Before LA Fitness I tried the Crossfit down the street (too expensive and limiting) and the Hot Yoga studio (classes were too long and at weird times). Needless to say, I have really enjoyed our new gym, its variety and location.

To help keep myself accountable, I have rounded up a few of my favorite fitness items that make working out easy and accessible. Remember, consistency is key.

1) Dog leash - Walk your dog, they need exercise as much as you do! I try to walk Mya at least 15 minutes a day during the work week. I love running with her on the weekends and am looking forward to daylight savings so I can make running a daily routine again. Dustin and I also like taking her on hikes!

2) Water bottle - Keep hydrated and throw some lemons in there for a nice refreshing taste.

3) Fitbit - Dustin calls this a glorified pedometer, but it actually makes me aware of how active/non-active I have been during the day. I can even set silent alarms on it to remind myself to get up and walk while at work.

4) Weights, Yoga Mat  and Fitness apps - Keep a yoga mat and free weights at your house and download a few fitness apps on your phone. Not having time to go to the gym anymore isn't an excuse anymore with technology these days. My favorite app is the 7-minute workout. I can run through the circuit as many times as I want, plus I can pay .99 for additional workout routines. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

5) Graze! Or snack during the day :). I received the Graze snack subscription for Christmas from Thayer, I love it! The snacks are not only delicious but perfectly proportioned. I keep the individual snack packs in my desk drawer. Snacking is better for your metabolism and keeps me from ordering a big Chipotle burrito at lunch ;).

6) Workout shoes, good ones! This makes all the difference in the world. I actually won't run if my shoes are too worn down. Chin splints? No thank you!  I know it's an investment, but if you spend money on anything, it should be a good pair of workout shoes!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend in Breckenridge, CO

We hiked to the highest point of Breckenridge, it was beautiful!

Back in high school and college, Dustin and I went snowboarding all the time! In fact, one of our first dates was when we went snowboarding in Idaho together. 

We have been trying to get a snowboarding trip on the calendar ever since our Gonzaga friends moved to the Denver area. Since Thayer has become friends with everyone in Denver as well, we all planned a trip to Breckenridge, CO together!

We spent the weekend snowboarding, exploring the town, eating and playing games! If you haven't been to Breckenridge, you need to plan a trip there. It is simply beautiful everywhere you go!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to

How to Choose your Wine

How to Clean your Make-Up Brushes

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

How to Entertain

How to Stock a Bar Cart

How to Personalize your Home

(click on photos to view links)

Here are some fun "how to's" around the internet, enjoy!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

World Cancer Day

Do you read theSkimm? It's a morning newsletter that recaps happenings around the world that I love reading on the bus ride to work. That's how I found out that today is World Cancer Day. Cancer affects so many lives, everyday. I never thought it would affect my family and it did, in more ways than I ever imagined. The ups and the downs. So make sure you tell someone today that you love them and hug them just a bit tighter.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

May God Bless and Keep you Always

Calling all Parenthood fans! Did you watch the finale on Thursday, did you cry? I am always so emotional when my favorite shows end (Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Office and Breaking Bad). But I loved Parenthood. I connected with it on so many levels. I started watching Parenthood when I took the semester off at Gonzaga. I was so sick from my Crohn's disease and wasn't able to leave the house much during treatment. Therefore, I had a lot of time on my hand and I started watching Parenthood! This show touched on almost everything that has impacted my own family over the last 6 years. Separation, graduation, cancer, death, losing jobs, marriage and fertility issues. Holy moly. Thank you Parenthood for all the laughs, tears and awkward moments (according to Dustin), this show will be deeply missed! May God bless and keep you always!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend in Austin!

Hello and Happy Monday! I flew down to Austin, TX over the weekend to visit the lovely Simon family, indulge in Al Pastor tacos and sip on Margaritas. I am missing it already! Our trip kicked off with matching tribal print tops, hats and shoes. NO, it wasn't planned, we both had a good laugh when we saw one another at the airport!

Weekend highlights include dinner at Maudie's and discovering my new found love for their Al Pastor tacos, followed by dessert at Amy's Ice Cream (hello, Mexican Vanilla!) Venturing to P.Terry's for lunch, playing games and having dinner at the Simon household. Top that off with late night drinks at Goodnight followed by church in the morning and Superbowl party prep! Thank you for your hospitality P+M, I can't wait to come back!