Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our Christmas Break

Katie and I hosted a fun girls night to kick off the holiday break!

Dustin and I spent a lot of time preparing our 2014 Christmas gifts for everyone. In each box we put homemade smoked salmon + herbed cream cheese and multigrain crackers!

We also hosted Christmas Eve and served the Stephens' family traditional lasagna and salad, yum! I love using all of my mom's serveware!

We wore matching sweaters and opened gifts of course!

My sister and I surprised our husbands and attached antlers and reindeer noses on their cars, they woke up to them on Christmas morning!

We did a Christmas brunch and walked to the lake with Dustin's family.

It was a beautiful day!

We had appetizers, (lots of) drinks and dinner with the Smith clan. They served the most delicious prime rib ever!

Dustin and I drove down to Portland to celebrate Christmas with Grandnan, Karen, Dad and the Holmes' family. Our tradition includes a yummy breakfast casserole, open gifts and go out to Twilight for pizza, it is so much fun!


We attended a Seahawks Christmas party with Dustin's extended family in Snohomish, SO much fun.  We did a white elephant exchange and scored some pretty cool gifts.

We hosted New Year's Eve, served appetizers and margaritas for our friends! We spent the night playing Cards Against Humanity and laughed all night long. Ended the night with a Champagne fight. So thankful for hardwood floors ;).

Looks like Mya wanted a kiss!

We took Mya almost everywhere we went over break.

Even Home Depot!

It was a good break indeed!

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