Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Day at my Mom's House

Good Afternoon!

Last night after work I drove down to Dustin's parents new home in Auburn.  Dustin's sweet Grandma Muz and Aunt Char were in town.  I love being around these two ladies.  They are so vibrant and full of life, they have always make me feel like family.  We made tacos which seems to be a staple whenever his Aunt comes into town.  After dinner, we finished off a cheesecake, my favorite!  Dustin and I are excited because his Grandma just signed a lease to be closer to Seattle area.  She has been living on Lopez Island and we are all excited for her to be close to us.

I made it over to my mom's house just before a new episode of Shark Tank came on.  So I laid in bed and watched a full episode with her before heading to sleep myself.

This morning was beautiful and the blue skies were calling my name for a run.  But first I needed a cup of coffee.  I sipped on my coffee while I made an egg white sandwich, my favorite breakfast! My Aunt Becky was reading the morning paper so I borrowed the home section and browsed through all of the amazing homes for sale!

Someone was waiting very patiently for me to finish because she knew I was taking her on a run!  After coffee and breakfast, Mya and I ran our usual 3.5 miles loop and it felt fantastic!
Running feet and paws!
Since my mom was still asleep and Aunt Becky was home, I decided to go to Trader Joe's and pick up some new products I have been wanting to try. I decided to get Coconut Oil (which I currently use as a body lotion and make up remover), Chia Seeds, Designer Whey Protein (I read about this via Dashing Dish) and Raw Honey to spruce up my green smoothie recipe.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out! 
Chia seeds, raw honey and protein!
My mom is pretty sleepy today so I have not had much time to hang out with her.  Usually my days down here are quiet and I am happy just sitting next to her in case she needs me for anything.  I am hoping she feels a bit better before I head back up to West Seattle.

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