Friday, November 15, 2013

I Said Yes to the Dress!

A few weeks ago, my cousin Brynn, sister Megan and best friend Thayer all came into town to celebrate their Birthday's in Seattle!  Megan is my Matron of Honor and Thayer is my Maid of Honor.

Brynn and Megan.  Running runs in our family!
I knew it would be a great girls weekend and even made a festive chalkboard to welcome them.  Thayer had not been to my new apartment since I moved to West Seattle from Ballard.  I was excited to show her around my new neighborhood!

Happy Birthday Thayer and Megan!
Once I found out the girls were coming into town, I wanted to ask them if they would go shopping for a wedding dress with me, especially since my mom is unable to attend.  They all agreed so Thayer made two dress appointments for Saturday morning they were in town.  Thank you, Thayer!

The girls arrived on Friday night and we all went down to my mom's in Federal Way (about 30 minutes south of Seattle) and met up with Dustin and Craig, my brother-in-law.  We had a good time eating, catching up and swapping stories.  Eventually, we all gathered in my mom's bedroom and watched Undercover Boss: Menchies with her!  After that, Thayer, Dustin and I headed back to West Seattle to grab drinks to celebrate Thayer's Birthday before heading back to our apartment.

Craig, Megan, Brynn, Me, Dustin and Thayer.  #Thayerisland
As we learn in life, nothing ever goes as planned.  That morning my mom had gotten sick and my aunt, sister and cousin were all running late for the first dress appointment of the day. The appointment is only one hour long, so I was not only sad but stressed!  Since Thayer stayed with me that night, we were able to get to the store a little early.  Luckily, the bridal consultants were wonderful and did not make me feel pressured about the one hour time frame.  Thayer and I were able to get a head start and look around the store.  By the time the rest of our group arrived, we already had our top picks ready for me to try on!

We had a fabulous time and my bridal consultant did a phenomenal job at picking out dresses that we all loved and that actually fit my 5'0 tall frame.  I narrowed the selection down to just two gowns and really had my eye on one of them.  I ended up saying "Yes to the Dress"!  It was love at first sight and it was amazing that I KNEW it was the one after trying it on the first time!

Me and my Matron of Honor, Megan!
After our appointment, I ended up canceling my other dress appointment because I knew I had found the one!  We ended up meeting with Craig's mom, Aunt Sue, Uncle Greg, Dustin, my cousin Ben and his girlfriend Libby for a Mexican Fiesta for more Birthday celebrations!

Me, Brynn and Thayer celebrating finding a dress and Birthdays!
As hard as it is to go through life events like these without my mom, I am forever grateful to have my wonderful family and friends around to offer their everlasting love and support!  Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend!

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