Tuesday, August 5, 2014


In all honestly, I have been thinking a lot about what social media "portrays". Does everyone live flawless lives with perfect friends, family + significant others? Do people struggle with happiness, ever feel upset and pick fights? Or is that just me? I decided to write this list for some much needed self-reflection and I found these things I have associated with "happiness" lately were actually things that were far from happiness and where I desire to be in life.

Happiness is:

Patience, love, trust and kindness

Having faith and not seeking to understand

Being with family and pups

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning, made with love by your husband

Hugs, kisses and small surprises

Silly photos, text messages and emails from girlfriends

Having too much wine

Enjoying the moment (yardstick!)

Getting snail mail

Dancing, lots of laughter, ILYTP

Summer nights and spontaniety


Healthy fitness

Happiness is not:

Worry, anxiety and stress

Materialistic items

Angry words, jealously and spite


The perfect body

Scheduled and timely

iPads, iPhones and screen time

A perfect home

Striving to be perfect and creating and image

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  1. YES YES YES!!!!! Love everything about this. The cutest home, perfect body and money are NOT happiness! Love everything you write. :)