Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 Reasons to Have a Dog


1) They keep you active! I find myself walking much more now that we have Mya, we are also running after work now that it is light outside.

2) Your dog most likely thinks you are the greatest thing on earth. For all those days you are feeling down, just wait until you get home. Your arrival will be the highlight of your pup's day!

3) You'll gain an extra shadow. Every time I go into a room or shut a door, it's certain that Mya is laying down and waiting for me to let her in.

4) Lap dogs. Mya has a love for cuddling that I just can't resist!

5) Joy and laughter. Dustin and I are always cracking up at something Mya did. It's safe to say, we are a bit obsessed with her.

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