Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend in Austin!

Hello and Happy Monday! I flew down to Austin, TX over the weekend to visit the lovely Simon family, indulge in Al Pastor tacos and sip on Margaritas. I am missing it already! Our trip kicked off with matching tribal print tops, hats and shoes. NO, it wasn't planned, we both had a good laugh when we saw one another at the airport!

Weekend highlights include dinner at Maudie's and discovering my new found love for their Al Pastor tacos, followed by dessert at Amy's Ice Cream (hello, Mexican Vanilla!) Venturing to P.Terry's for lunch, playing games and having dinner at the Simon household. Top that off with late night drinks at Goodnight followed by church in the morning and Superbowl party prep! Thank you for your hospitality P+M, I can't wait to come back!



  1. Love you guys! You should have packed me in your luggage :p

  2. Love love loved this weekend with you!!!! Let's do another one... like this weekend :) Missing you already!!