Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art for your Home


Before we purchased our home, my friend Jordan told me that we would be amazed by the amount of walls we would have to fill. This is so true, there are so many walls and we only have one story! Back in college, the only art I had on my walls were posters and 4 x 6 photos hanging from a clothes pin on a piece of twine. Needless to say, I've had my eye out for fun and creative pieces to hang on our walls.

The other thing I have learned is patience. Don't go out in one week and decorate your home, wait to buy pieces that you actually love that will make your house a home. 

I love the way art can make you feel and the warmth it gives each room. I am amazed how well a good piece can tie everything together. Whether it be abstract, a print, watercolor, or even a map, I love it all! 

Above are two pieces I am considering to hang in our master bedroom (that was painted light gray this weekend!)

Last month, we added these prints over our dining room table. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to hang, which sounds silly. But now, every time I look at them I love the way freshen up the room with the bright colors.
Better yet, I love when art holds sentimental values. For example, this Italy print is one that I love because I remember the summer I studied abroad in Florence and all of the weekend trips we took. It is a good size and was very affordable. Find it here


Be sure to check out the art marketplace on as well, they have great pieces!

Or, if you are my husband, you'll want a print of every car that was in Back to the Future! It's amazing what art can do, what art do you love?

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