Friday, September 19, 2014

Europe Travel Essentials

The first time I went to Europe, I felt so unprepared. Think walking miles and miles in Old Navy flip flops. This time around, I am trying to learn from my previous mistakes! Here are a few things that I plan to pack for our Europe trip.

1) Light and packable clothes. Nothing that will wrinkle easily and that can be worn multiple times.

2) Comfy walking shoes. Farrah helped me select a few pairs of shoes that will be good for a lot of walking and all weather conditions.

3) Travel converters and adapters. My straightener blew week 6 during my summer in Italy. I purchased new converters and adapters along with travel appliances. I am hoping these will work this time around!

4) Longchamp bag. This bag is my go-to for all travel these days. I love how big it is, it's easy to carry-on and folds up nicely when you aren't using it.

5) Z Travel Pillow. I can't sleep on planes which is the biggest pain especially on red-eyes. When I traveled to Rome, I didn't sleep an wink on the plane over which made jet lag even worse when we arrived at 12:00 pm the next day. I am hoping this pillow helps.

6) Passport! This seems like a given, duh. However, mine was stolen a few years ago. Between my legal name change and updating addresses (I have used my mom's address for everything since I have consistently been moving) this thing took a while to get and was a huge relief to have again.

7) Lots of reading materials! I have really been wanting to read Emily Giffin's newest book and am excited to carry this around with me.

8) Scarfs. These are light to pack but can also be used as blankets on planes and bus rides. Double win!

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