Tuesday, September 23, 2014


photo via Morganbsimon

Happy fall! My favorite season is here, yet I struggle through another wave of grief. It was my mom's absolute favorite time of the year. By now, she would have had all of her decor up around the home, the smell of cheesecakes drizzled with caramel + topped with apples would welcome you in and Bath and Body Works candles + soaps would in every bathroom. I know many people have memories of my mom during the fall, as she always could find someone to visit the pumpkin patch with her!

My mom and I simply loved fall. Now, our biggest worry this season is trying to get everything out of the house in time for the next family to move in. 

When I think about fall, my mind often wanders back to Fall Family weekends at Gonzaga University. The leaves were beautiful shades of orange and red and I would anxiously await the arrival of my family! We always loved going to Greenbluff farms to pick apples, eat pumpkin doughnuts and sip on cider.

My hope is that I find can joy in the season and holidays to come. I anticipate the emotions that come with the upcoming holidays and finding peace that we are no longer sharing these moments with mom. 

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  1. I love you so much!!! I so loved going to your house when your precious momma would have her yummy candles burning! And her delicious pizza that she would make - was it garlic chicken?! SO. GOOD.