Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why I'm Choosing Yoga

Tuesday was my final night of Beyond Yoga with my friend Jessica. Although I was not an avid class "go-er" this summer, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in each of her classes. As the days become shorter and the mornings a bit darker, I typically lessen the time I spend running during the week. Two years ago, I really enjoyed hot yoga practice during the fall/winter and I noticed it significantly helped my running stamina come springtime. I've decided to commit to yoga again this winter after having chatting with several people this week about the significant benefits of yoga.

Here are 5 benefits that continually draw me to practice yoga:

1) Helps digestion
2) Slower breathing, less stress (anxiety!)
3) Increases metabolism
4) Better focus
5) Increases arm strength

Here are 3 things that I learned while participating in Beyond Yoga this summer:

1) We should be thankful that God designed our bodies to move the way they can
2) In order for change to happen, you must be willing to get uncomfortable
3) A few of the best yoga moves for stress are include downward facing dog, cat/cow, forward fold, bridge and savasana

What exercises do you enjoy dying the fall and winter? I am also getting excited for our new LA Fitness center to open soon as well!

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