Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Decor

A big thank you to Morgan for sending me this link which caused me to get a bit too distracted.  I have always used paper-source for prints but have not explored the wedding decorations before.  Here are some items that I want to include at our reception and ceremony.  To practice patience, I am going to wait one week before purchasing, to make sure I still like it then ;-).
(all images via paper-source)

I would like to use the banner to spell out various things and hang the words together with the ribbon.  The gold chevron paper would be used to tie all of our random tables (i.e. guest book table, gift table, drink table, etc.) together for a cohesive look that uses an accent color.  I want the straws to be available at the bar and would also like to find a deep coral to pair together.  Washy tape would be so cute on the seal of our mailed invitations! The ampersand would be tied between Dustin's and my chair.  Of course the "Just Married" banner would be one our getaway car.  Loving all of this so far, the price tags and how easy it would be!

PS - This needs to be framed somewhere as well!

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  1. Oh my goodness love love love the way it is all coming together!!!! I also forgot to wish you Happy Five Months until wedding day when we talked on Tues - so happy belated 5 months until wedding day!! CANNOT WAIT! :)