Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Girls Valentine Dinner + Bachelor Night

Last year Morgan, Deena and I all got together and made dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day with close girlfriends!  

This year I wanted to do the same thing!  So I invited some girlfriends over and made a spaghetti dinner.  A fun about Seattle is that my friends here are from college and friends I literally grew up with.  Everyone is so easy going and I feel comfortable inviting them to do things in groups with one another.  It's always fun to have excuse to buy pretty flowers and decorate!

Deena came over and helped prepare our spread!  She worked on cutting some yummy bread and Beecher's cheese while I worked on the spaghetti sauce.  We also put a bowl of chips out that paired really well with the cheese.  The spaghetti sauce I use is a family favorite and is the way my mom always makes it.  I start by adding one can cream of mushroom, 1/2 cup vodka (non-falvored of course) and then one jar of red sauce, any kind!  I think it tastes best with whole wheat spaghetti since it adds more flavor and bit.  It is so good and my friends always rave about it! Plus, it is really easy to make and shop for.

A bit later Manna and Marissa joined us!  Manna bought a bottle of red wine and Marissa made homemade ice cream sandwiches using this cookie recipes via our favorite blogger, Peanut Butter Fingers!  I love that Marissa, my sister and I all use her recipes now.

One of my favorite moments of the night was when Deena proclaimed that she was bummed she was missing "The Bachelor" tonight, even though we all have plans to watch it.  Hence, why we chose to get together on Monday ;-).  Love you Deena!

Marissa was new to the Bachelor, so it was fun to fill her in on all of the details and gossip.

Thank you for the fun night, girls!

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