Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap + Snow!

I won't bore you with the details but my Friday night was pretty much exactly the same as all of my other Friday nights with my mom (work, traffic, dinner, shark tank).  Okay, moving on.

Saturday morning we woke up to blue skies and sunshine.  After waking up early, feeding the dogs + mom, I headed out for a run with Mya!  Shortly after I needed to run to Costco to update the lenses in my glasses to match my current prescription and pick up a few groceries.  I quickly headed home because I really aim to have quality time with mom instead of making her feel like I come in and out as I please.

Later on, I asked Georgia to come over since I had not giver her a Birthday gift yet.  We all chatted with wine (minus mom) and veggies until it was time for her to leave.  It was then that we noticed it had snowed!

Can you tell that Mya LOVES the snow?  She goes absolutely crazy and runs laps in the yard.  Seriously how is she almost 8 years old?

Dustin came over after Georgia left and we all had dinner together.  After that Becky suggested that we take a walk through the neighborhood.

I most definitely was not dressed for snow this weekend!

On Sunday, Dustin and I really needed to finish registering.  Bridal shower invitations are going out soon so we made it a top priority this weekend.  After leaving mom's we drove to Macy's and Target and did our scanning.  Another great thing about registering is that I have been able to go online and add more things ;-).  Of course I couldn't leave without picking up a few things that I just did not want to wait for!

With the snow and cold, it was hard not to give in and just wrap up with a warm blanket, hot beverage and a movie.  But we have things to do and I am happy to have Dustin by my side helping a long the way.

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