Tuesday, October 7, 2014

London: Day 2

Our second day in London was spent visiting the town of Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford University!

The adorable town of Windsor is home to Windsor castle, where the Queen lives. Fun fact, the Queen actually calls Buckingham Palace her office and Windsor castle her home. I found English history to be so fascinating given that the Royal Family still resides in the areas that we visited. We were able to visit since the Queen was "on holiday" in Scotland. 

Another fun fact, there was a fire at Windsor castle back in 1992. The person in charge of the castle bills had not been paying the insurance and the castle was not insured at the time the fire took place. Yes, of course that person was fired. They decided to open the castle up to visitors to help pay for the fire damage that took 5 years to reconstruct the areas that were damaged.

Windsor was extremely charming with lots of color and cobblestone roads. Unfortunately, photography isn't allowed inside the castle. I can tell you is it gorgeous inside!

Next up, Stonehenge!

An engineers biggest mystery!

We also visited Oxford University and again I loved all of the architecture and colors.

The campus is where J.K Rowling pulled inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. This building was used as the hospital in the first movie.

Each architect would leave their initials in the stone. It is said that this is where J.K got the idea for Harry's scar on top his forehead.

We didn't arrive back in London until 9:00 pm. We enjoyed a delicious Thai dinner and drinks at a great pub called the Latchmere afterwards. It was a great second day!

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