Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Weekend

My weekend kicked off with dinner at the cutest restaurant in Burien, "913 The Place Next Door" with Deena! It's neighbor is 909 Coffee and Wine Bar and in between the two restaurants they created a outdoor patio that can be used all year round. There is nothing cozier than an outdoor patio on a Seattle rainy night with patio heaters and a blanket provided for each chair, brilliant! We sipped wine and ate yummy crab crepes, I can't wait to go back!

On Saturday morning, I woke up way too early for a free introductory class at our neighborhood CrossFit. The photo below shows that I was the only one who decided to get up on a Saturday morning for a workout. Free one hour training session for me! I really enjoyed the workout and am still sore. The biggest bummer is the price, I need to figure out if it makes sense financially to join.

On Sunday, I drove down to Federal Way to meet Becky because we had a full day of cleaning her new condo ahead of us, Becky is officially moving to Gig Harbor! We geared up and scrubbed the kitchen and two bathrooms. She then put me on contact paper duty for all the drawers in her condo (kitchen and bathroom) and linen closet shelves. Before we knew it, our job was done! We rewarded ourselves with a little Sunday shopping and a late teriyaki lunch. Afterwards, I decided that a night in on the couch watching Criminal Minds with Mya snuggled next to me sounded much better than late night grocery shopping and laundry. How was your weekend?

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