Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bridal Shower Recap

I shared a few photos yesterday at the shower, but I also wanted to recap on the special touches that were added out throughout the event.

Here is the invitation that Maureen sent out knowing how much I love peonies and using once of our accent colors, Coral!

Maureen's house is located on Mercer Island and the home has sweeping views of Lake Washington (and an indoor pool!)  When you walked in you were immediately greeted by a Mimosa Bar with three fresh juices and fruit!

Each place setting had a tulip along with a menu that Maureen had crafted for the sit down lunch.

She served each homemade lunch in compostable boxes and they were SO delicious.  My favorite was the Beef Filet and Chocolate Tart :). I will be dreaming of this meal for the next month!

While we opened gifts, Megan announced the first game!  She had every guest write a favorite memory they had with me on a card and she read the memories out loud every few gifts to keep everything interactive.  The goal of the game was for the guests to guess who the memory was written by.  It was such a fun way to keep everyone chatting and laughing while I opened gifts.

Some fun memories included:

Summer camp - Katie
Finding better things to do than going to class  - Farrah
Watching Aunt Becky stick candles in your nose and then light them - Mom
Going to a park instead of Church - Aunt Becky
Sand Dunes - Kristine
Having to be "an" extra in Megan and your Mary-Kate and Ashly videos - Tiffany
Driving to Banks Lake with the "Megans" - Greta
You rocking your round eye glasses - Caroline 
"You better go or I am going to whack you" - Aunt Debbie
Watching you and your cousins play at Enchanted Village - Aunt Sue
Hiding out upstairs to clean while everyone downstairs was at party downstairs - Marissa
Drink a lot of beer at Northern Lights - LeAnne
Molly on the monkey bars saying "no boys allowed" - Maureen
Always properly addressing my name "Mrs. Wilson" and jumping on the trampoline - Teresa 
No Pants (she meant leggings) - Jordan
Beckham - Brittney
Fondue Party - Jill
Ballard Locks - Tina
Our first trip to Pullman - Thayer
The best field trip in Illahee followed by you slamming my finger in a locker - Lauren
Being models for Style board in High school- Jessica
A picture of a boat - Addison (no one knew what that meant!)
Corn Tortillas and Mexico - Sandy 
Soft ears and Phoebe - Karen

I hope I am not forgetting any, I loved hearing what memories people remember you by!

The winner of this game was Farrah!

My good friend Georgia also monogrammed a beautiful basket of towels for us!

Morgan this below photo is for you.  When I read the name "Doyle" aloud on both of your gifts (the credit card information must have not been updated to "Simon") Addison laughed every time she heard "Doyle".

My Aunts also put together a family recipe book!

Marissa and her mom, LeeAnn were a HUGE help with presents.  Marissa kept track of everyone's gifts and LeeAnn helped me with clean up  I opened it to keep things moving along. My sweet friend Jordan put together my ribbon bouquet for the wedding rehearsal.  Thank you everyone for your help and your sweet gifts!

We also played the he said/she said game. Megan sent this list to Dustin and he sent back his answers.  Each guest took turns asking a question to see if my answer matched Dustin's.  I think my final score was 12.5 (since I answered one drink correctly)!  The best answer was when Dustin said the wedding colors were "Teal, Gray and White."

Thank you to everyone for all of the special touches, details, gifts and fun memories!


  1. This is so sweet!!! And ha! That is so funny it said Doyle - I was signed into my old Target account so I think that is why! Hilarious! If I was there and had played this game, I think my favorite memories would have been...

    Our long drives in highschool in your Camry (Driving to West Seattle for rockstars? What!?)
    Our breaks home from college driving and playing and sharing stories
    Our Vegas trip (minus the road trip down there with the Subway incident!)
    Our two weeks as West Seattle neighbors


  2. This post just brought the biggest smile to my face :) love you sissy and wish i could come back!!!