Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Everyday, we all make choices. 

I believe there are two types of people.  There are those who allow "bad things" to affect their mood each day. They are the ones who feel may feel compelled to tell the world (and nowadays social media) every problem they encounter.

Then, there are the people who take each challenge as an opportunity to better themselves. This is the person I strive to be each day.  No, it's not as easy and it takes work every single day.  It's a choice and a decision you must learn to make.

I choose to surround myself with positive people, even if it means distancing myself from people at times. I surround myself with my family, my best friends and my Fiancé who do allow road blocks to get in their way. I am inspired each day by a choice I see someone else make and I always notice the people who have an opportunity to complain each day, but don't.

My underlining point here is that life isn't easy, for anyone. We can't live happily with "if only" thoughts dancing around in our head. I am guilty of thinking that everyone else around me (thank you social media) has a perfect life.

So my friends, I ask you, "what choices are you going to make today."

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