Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This weekend was a mix of good things and bad things, let's start with the good first. Dustin finally saw our venue! Dad graciously flew up to join Dustin and me as we toured our venue with the caterer, figured out layout, our decor, etc. Our wonderful friends Georgia, Teresa and Dustin's parents joined as well. Dustin's and his dad spent their time figuring out the best way to string the string lights which made me a happy camper. I fell in love with out venue again, it was a beautiful day and I just get the biggest smile on my face when I think about our wedding day! Dustin, Dad and I had beers at BJ's Brewery afterwards and filtered through wedding details and we left feeling good about where we are at!

Friday and Saturday were a little chaotic after mom's procedure. Mom had a Pleurix Drainage Tube inserted in her left side on Thursday, due to mom's weak and tiny body, each procedure is tough on her physically and mentally. She has fought through each recovery thus far and I am hopeful that she will regain a bit of strength.

Becky and I played Nurse and Nurse Aide over the weekend assembling bandages, draining fluids and making sure mom was comfortable overall. This weekend I am looking forward to happier things like celebrating Becky's retirement at Emerald Downs and Mom's Birthday!

On Sunday, Dustin and I hit up our never ending "to-do" list again. We went to pick out a suit for him and I found the most perfect black matte skinny tie that I was envisioning. Dustin and I decided on a suit that is a "gun metal gray", different from my original idea but we both really loved it. Thanks to the Men's Wearhouse "deal" we were able to purchase a suit for Nick (his brother) for only $100.00. Afterwards, we went to get Dustin's ring finger sized (Dustin double checked with me beforehand to make sure it was "his left finger?") hooray for checking things off of our list!

As my Granddad would say, "Isn't he sharp?"

Next on our list was to work on our marriage covenant before our next meeting with Chris. Dustin suggested we work on this over beers and pretzels at a German bar in West Seattle, who could say no to that? As we were about to leave, Dustin noticed the Mariner game was in the 8th inning so we decided to stay a bit longer, good thing we did since the bartender treated us to a a free beer :).

After Prost! and our weekly grocery shopping, it was time to relax and enjoy our Sunday night! I hope you all had a great weekend :).

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