Monday, April 21, 2014

England, Germany and Ireland

I am so happy because I just booked our flights to London, England! We have been talking about this trip for a while now and I am one happy girl knowing that our plans are actually coming along.

We are still looking for a good fare back from Dublin, Ireland but wanted to book London since I was confident in the deal that I found for us. Also, over the weekend we booked our room in Munich using We will be meeting our friends Jim and Molly over there for Oktoberfest.
So far here is what are thinking as far as travel:

Arrive in London on Thursday, September 25th
Arrive in Munich on Monday, September 29th
Arrive in Ireland on Thursday, October 2nd
Arrive back in Seattle on Saturday, October 4th

Can you tell I am a bit excited?! Expect more travel posts soon :).

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