Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dear Mom


Yesterday, we all met at Starbucks with teas, coffees, bagels and scones. We put together your obituary, order of service, songs and speakers. Morgan is putting her special touches on your program to make sure it is beautiful, just as you would have wanted it. We picked out your alter photo and finished your photo slideshow as well.

Then we rested, everyone seemed to go their own ways. All of your siblings went to work on their speech for you, Craig prepared the slideshow, Dustin went to work. Us girls went to Georgia's for a mid-day happy hour. For dinner, we gathered at Red Robin (your favorite) and Uncle Jeff ordered your meal, turkey burger, plain with yellow mustard.

We are trying to enjoy the chaos and the family being together, but I would also love to just sit in silence for the whole day. I know once "routine" starts again, I will be missing the background noise of family chatter. So I am trying to enjoy that for now.

I hope you are having the time of you life reunited with your mom. Thayer, Kendra and I know that all of our moms are dancing together and looking down at us. Don't forget to wave to us once in a while!

Love you more!

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  1. Your posts bring to tears to my eyes - I know I should wait until I am home and not read them at work but I can't help it! So glad you get to see all of your family, miss you and love you to pieces. Also, you look so much like your mom in all of these photos from when she was younger - I love seeing them, please post more!