Thursday, May 8, 2014

On My Mind Today

Hello! What is on your mind today? A few things on my mind -

1) Is it time for Vegas yet?

2) I really wish I didn't skip my morning workout, however the extra hour of sleep was glorious.

3) I hope no one at work can smell my spray tan.

4) So happy to have spent time with my mom last night and even more happy that she texted me this morning (and yesterday). Praying mom is OKAY while I am gone this weekend.

5) Don't forget to mail all Mother's Day cards before leaving work.

6) Sad that we had to say goodbye to our little pup, Mindy who we've had since I was in 4th grade.

7) Did I pack everything? Did I forget something?

8) Excited that my uncle is bringing both of our wedding bands to town this weekend!

9) Thinking Dustin looked really funny the other night when he was wearing his St. Luke's softball jersey, toting his manly lulu lemon lunch bag and driving my little white Mazda around.

10) Trying to learn as much about Millennial's as I can, love this from excerpt via Hubspot:

"Keep in mind that Millennials grew up with caller ID. They were early adopters of luxuries like TiVo and Hulu. They’ve been marking emails as spam since Boy Meets World was on the air. They’re extremely adept at recognizing spam and blocking it out altogether -- and then creating their own blog to make fun of you for email spamming them."


12) So happy to see all my best girl friends today!

13) I should delete photos on my phone to make sure I have enough space for more photo taking this weekend.

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