Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dear Mom

Today was a different ride emotionally. We gathered at the church to do a "trial run" of your memorial service. We worked on printing the brochures, finalizing your slideshow and making sure everything is ready. Tina, Betty Ann and Sandy are preparing a beautiful reception for you tomorrow. Brianne is making us cupcakes too, yum!

Kelly came to meet up with us at church and took us out for lunch. We headed to Salty's and it was so fun to catch up with a friend that knew you so well. We were toddlers when we all first met, which made today so very special. We talked about how good of a Godmother you are to Kraigen and how the kid's personalities have changed over the years. You would have loved to be on the deck in the sunshine with us. It reminded me of all of our happy hour dates down there.

Afterwards, Megan and I met with Kathy your social worker. We also met with a grief counselor named Peggy and I still couldn't cry. Megan and I talked a lot about what life was like growing up, how we will grieve and how we will heal. We really went into depth about certain topics which I found very helpful. It was my first visit ever with a counselor and I think I will continue going.

Megan and I also finished our speech for tomorrow, hooray!

Dustin, Thayer and I all went to the Vander Ark's for dinner. It was so nice to sit, chat, eat and talk casually. A fresh of breath air amidst all of the chaos. Now we are back at the apartment, painting nails and getting ready for bed. Not ready for tomorrow yet, not sure if I ever will be.

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  1. I wish more than anything I was there to give you a hug and hear your speech today. I love you and am thinking about you all day long, love you to the moon and back xoxoxo