Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saying Goodbye

On Saturday, Megan and I went to Alki to read through the basket of letters that were left for us during the memorial service. I didn't think that there could be any words to help mend my heart, but just simply reading the sweet cards that people took the time to put together for us was just what my heart needed.

It is hard to believe that it has already been one week since mom passed away. This past week I was loved, comforted and constantly surrounded by family and friends, yet I still felt so empty. Now I have to say my good byes, go back to work and continue on with "life".

By the time Sunday rolled around it was time to start saying good bye to the ones I was with over the week. I had already said good bye to Katie, Uncle Jeff, Grandnan, Dad and Karen shortly after the memorial. Megan, Craig and Thayer all had flights to catch and Uncle Kent had a flight the following day. Even though I "needed" alone time alone, it was still a shock to not wake up and see everyone.

Thayer was my caretaker this week. She doctored me up with cold medicines, did laundry, cleaned our kitchen and bought us groceries. Thayer, I cannot thank you enough for the love you gave me and the support you showed. You gave me the most realistic advice, as you know what it is like when a mother passes too soon. Most importantly, you gave me everything I had no idea I would need this week.

Megan, my sister is now the only person who I will look at and find comfort that she "just know". We didn't only deal with moms death together, we dealt with deeper issues, family struggles and memorial logistics all last week. We confided in one another and will be here for one another, always.  We hope to continue our mom's legacy of over the top morning and night text messages.

Dad, get your cocktail napkin out. Thank you for flying up to spend this time as a family with us. Thank you for supporting us in every decision, making travel arrangements and being the loving parent we both needed.

I cannot thank everyone enough individually for what you did this week. I have received sweet text messages, emails and voicemails (which I still have not listened to) that have made me smile. Please know that I don't have many words to respond back right now but I found comfort in all of the words I swore would not comfort me.

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  1. I love you!!! I will be here for you whenever you need anything - a month from now, year from now or anytime. I think getting back to the normal life can be the hardest - I will be thinking about you and praying for you. So lucky to be your friend, I love you to pieces!