Friday, May 30, 2014

Little Things

My mom was the queen of small gestures. She always had an eye for the perfect gift and the perfect words to write in a card just because she was thinking of you.

The small things are what I am missing most.

  • Her extravagant "Good Morning" and "Good Night" text messages.
  • Lunches, shopping dates to TJ Maxx, Costco trips followed by the two of us splitting up our bulk items for me to take home.
  • Home projects with one another.
  • Telling her secrets and having someone to tell anything and everything to.
  • Watching the weirdest shows together. The Kardashians, Jon & Kate + 8, The Little Couple, 19 Kids and Counting, Teen Mom, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy were our favorites.
  • Cards, trinkets and other "just because I thought of you" gifts.
  • Walking the dogs together.
  • Wednesday dinners and weekends spent with one another.
  • Her perfect entertaining capabilities. Appetizers and spreads complete with cocktail napkins and wine 
  • Cooking spaghetti, macaroni and cheesecakes together.
  • Playing sequence and inviting the neighborhood ladies to join.
  • Here excitement for the tiniest things.
  • Secret trips to McDonald's with one another to eat a double cheeseburger.
  • Going to 5th Avenue plays
  • Her holiday decorations, string lights and birthday cookie cakes.
  • Her odd but cute "profile pictures" on Facebook

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