Friday, January 17, 2014

My Favorite Ballard Run

Yesterday I went back in time!  I took my old bus, to my old apartment to hang out with my old roommate, Marissa!  There are many reasons why I love her, but one of my favorite reasons why I love hanging out with her is that we both love to exercise together.  Even though we were both feeling groggy, it was cold and it was dark outside, we both agreed that we wanted to run our old running route.  I love running with a friend because it makes the run fly by, as I don't even think about mileage.

My old apartment (where Marissa still lives) is 2.5 miles to Golden Gardens, a pretty beach spot that sits right next to the boat marina. The run also starts out on Market Avenue, which is a fun street illuminated by string lights, unique bars and restaurants.   It is my absolute favorite run and we both were feeling pretty good after busting out a 5 mile run.

Before we ran I laughed because both of our shoes corresponded perfectly with the color shirts we were wearing, completely unintentional (I promise!).

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