Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Holiday Recap

I got a little side tracked with blogging this past week.  I had the week off from work, so I was able to spend a lot of time with my mom.  We had a lot of fun together, we hung out in her bed mostly and I was even able to bring her down stairs a few times.   Trying to encourage someone who is lethargic and in pain to walk and even sit up is hard work.   I got a lot of eye rolls from her and complaints, but the time together is totally priceless!  We have fun calling her pain button her "signaling device" and pretending that she is playing Jeopardy.  I guess it really is the small things that make life fun, right?  

My cousin Lindsay (in town from California) also came down a few times during the week and we also were able to readdress our Save the Dates and get them back out in the mail, again.  Thank you Aunt Becky and Georgia for helping!

Christmas Day:

We spent Christmas morning with Dustin's parents.  We devoured a Yakima breakfast with waffles and spent the rest of our time sitting around their Christmas tree.  His parents totally spoiled us!  Dustin's mom even searched high and low for Hunter socks that fit my kid sized boots (that weren't primary colors).  The funniest part is that she enlisted Farrah's help at Nordstrom!  We then visited my mom's before spending the rest of the day with Dustin's family in Edmonds.  We ended the night with a white elephant exchange where I received at Nordstrom gift card and Dustin ended up with a Duck Dynasty hat and board game.  Both of which I stashed on top of his closet ;).

New Years Eve:

It was the the first day that I did NOT drive down to Federal Way in almost 2 weeks.  I huffed and puffed my way through 5 mile run (with some NASTY hills, excuse the slow running time) to reflect on the past year and all of the things to come in 2014!  More about this in another blog.

I am posting the route because I kicking myself now.  You can see I traveled down Admiral which is ALL down hill.  Meaning I had to go up steep neighborhood hills for the rest of the 2 (ish) miles with only a few straight leveled paths.  Ouch! But with all of the water views from up top, it makes it so worth it.

Later during the day, I hung out with Marissa, my roommate from college and in Ballard for almost 2 years! Marissa is also one of my bridesmaids!

Onto the evening now!  Dustin and I had been trying to figure out what to do for NYE for a while.  I was not in the mood for a big celebration and we did not want to go into the city to fight traffic coming home.  Dustin had the idea of bringing a small celebration down to my moms with party hats and blow horns.  Both my Aunt and mom weren't up for that, totally understandable.  So our night looked like this instead:

- Mexican at Pecado Bueno up the street from us
- Drinks at Copper Coin in the Admiral District
- Seeing Last Vegas
- Walking Alki while looking for a bar that was actually open (seriously, it is NYE people)
- Finding a Thai restaurant that was OPEN and eating a late night pot stickers and Pad Thai snack ;)
- Hanging out on the beach waiting for the Space Needle fireworks
- Discovering that it was too foggy to see fire works

Yes, the night was a bit of a bust but we laughed our way through it.  Thanks Dustin for being such a good sport and turning any night into the best night!

Near Years Day:

Enjoyed a slow morning.  No rush to go anywhere!  We eventually made it down to my mom's to celebrate the New Year with my family.  The best part of the day was finding these photos and having my mom come down stairs for a bit :).

My Aunt Sue is the bride in the photos.  Seriously how stunning was she?  I love seeing the old photos of my parents as well.  Mom your style was spot on and I love that tan that you are rocking, so beautiful!

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