Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Registering at Crate & Barrel

Hello! Dustin and I kicked off our Tuesday with an early morning workout at our gym.  I love getting my workout done in the morning (along with cleaning) however, I highly doubt that Dustin will be joining me again that early ;).  After Dustin left for work I enjoyed some coffee while FaceTiming with Addison!  (Below are my new shoes (I always order ASICS GT 2000) and I am loving the bright new colors!)

Work was busy which was good since it made the day fly by.  I was so excited to do our first round of wedding registry at Crate & Barrel.  That store is filled with beautiful things!  

Dustin was still tired from his "early morning workout" so we stopped in at Starbucks before the registering fun began!  How convenient that there was a Starbucks right next door to C&B, god bless Seattle.  

Once at C&B, we met with a consultant and she gave us our handy dandy scanning device.  

It's hard not to get carried away in the store!  We tried narrow our selection down to the items we will use daily, mainly because the store is a bit pricey.

Some items we scanned included:

- Plates and Bowls
- Drinking Glasses
- Stemless Wine Glasses
- Flatware
- Bar Accessories
- Grilling Accessories
- Outdoor Patio Trays (Dustin picked out Seahawk colors of course)
- And of course a few fun things here are there!

We will unitize Macy's and Target for other smaller items, decor and kitchen machinery.

Dustin said that this chair is so expensive Abraham Lincoln would buy it...hmmm funny Dustin?

After we finished scanning our items, we needed some dinner!  Since the Seahawks scored a touch down in the Red Zone, we thought we would take advantage of the Red Robin deal going on in the Seattle area!

Not the healthiest option but it sure was tasty!  Tonight I am heading down to my mom's while my aunt picks up my uncle from the airport, so I am sure I'll be blogging again soon!

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