Monday, January 20, 2014

Seahawks Weekend!

Hello and happy Monday!

This weekend was a good one filled with a lot of fun activities.

I'll start with Friday night.  After work I headed down to Federal Way to see mom, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Becky.  Whenever family members are here it makes it feel like a "mini-family reunion".  Mom was much better than my Wednesday night visit with her.  She was very alert, awake and so much fun to be with and she even came downstairs to have dinner with us.  (Mya too!)

On Saturday morning I woke up early to head over to my good friend Audra's house for my hair appointment (she is currently doing hair out of her adorable home).  Once together we also planned a dinner for this Tuesday night that will include her sister Greta as well, so that will be fun to look forward to.  Both Audra and Greta are two girls that I grew up with at St. Lukes.  They have turned into lifelong friends!

After my hair appointment, I was able to go back to my mom's for a few hours before meeting with Dustin and my dad at our first catering meeting with Galucci's Catering.  The meeting was a great  because the catering manager used to be the event manager at our venue, Olson Mansion.  She was very helpful and offered us a lot of insight.

After our meeting the three of us hung out at Starbucks to discuss more wedding details before I headed back over to my mom's.  I was on "mom duty" for the night while my Aunt Becky, Aunt Sue, Uncle Greg and Uncle Jeff all went out to dinner.  Once they returned, I decided to head back to West Seattle, since there was still a full house.  Dustin and I decided to watch the final episode of Breaking Bad.  We have been really into watching Breaking Bad for the last few months and it was really sad to end the series.  I highly recommend it!

Sunday was our busiest day!  Dad came up to West Seattle and we tried out a new breakfast spot before we went downtown to tailgate.  The place we chose was called Easy Street Records.  It was a "dive" type spot but was absolutely delicious!  I most definitely indulged in Eggs Benedict which has quickly become my new favorite meal after my trip to New York in June.  I also enjoyed the other half of East Street Records which was served as record store and a place you could find old cds and DVDs.

After breakfast, the three of browsed the West Seattle Farmers market before heading downtown.  It was tailgating time!  Hawk alley was filled with lots of music, drinks and chanting!

We eventually made it over to Safeco Field for some beers before Dad and Dustin headed to the Seahawks vs 49ers NFC Championship game.  I headed back down to my moms and then went over to Georgia's home where she was a hosting a small football party.

After indulging in way too much game day food, a lot of white wine and even more yelling we watched the Seahawks take the win!  They are now heading to the Super Bowl!!  It was such a fun group to be with.  Our joke of the day was making Georgia's granddaughter run to the bathroom since they seemed to always make a good play when she was gone, pretty funny.

What a great weekend, go Hawks!

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