Friday, January 10, 2014

New Homeowners, World Travelers and New Cities!

I must admit, this is going to be a bit of a "bragging" post about my friends.  They are all so wonderful and I just adore them oh so much!  Here is a bit about each one and their recent accomplishments. . .

Deena -

Last night I went over to visit Deena in her new Seattle condo, she is now a homeowner!  Deena, congrats I am so proud of where you are in your life and relationship with God.  You have always known the importance of family in your life and now you get to move on to the next chapter.  Have fun making your own lunches and coffee now, happy housewarming, Deena!  Now go clean something and drink some wine ;-).

Morgan -

Preston and Morgan moved from West Seattle to their new home in Austin, Texas.  Although this was super sad for both Dustin and I to lose our new neighbors, we are both thrilled for you!  They purchased their first house and both started new jobs.  Thank you Morgan for letting me drool over your new home decor and freshly painted white kitchen.  I can't wait to come visit, sit your cutie chairs and make drinks on your bar cart (errr, Preston's christmas gift...).

Katie -

Miss Katie has had the amazing opportunities to live in some incredible cities and she always lets me come visit!  She recently made the move from New York to Las Vegas to continue with her job as a community manager at CatalystCreativ!

Thayer -

Thayer recently went on her first mission trip with the International Medical Relief team.  She spent 2 weeks in Cambodia assisting small communities and providing medial assistance.  I know there is no way I could recap her experience in my blog, but maybe these pictures will show how life-changing her trip was.


  1. You've got such a lovely assortment of friends. You're so lucky to have the three of them. Anyway, congrats to Deena for being a homeowner. I hope she's settled in comfortably. The new home of Preston and Morgan looks adorable. I hope they're doing fine as well. Miss Katie's life sounds so fun. Good luck to her work. Lastly, Miss Thayer is just simply amazing with her mission in Cambodia. I hope everyone is in the best of health! Thanks for sharing!

    Kristy Sanders @ CrebNow