Monday, January 27, 2014

Spilled Coffee and Tired Legs

This morning I spilled my coffee all over my kitchen table and drenched my "spot clean only" table runner.  The spillage took place about 5 minutes before I had to run out to catch the bus.  Happy Monday to me!  Thank goodness for good coffee at work and yes my co-worker totally walked in on me taking this photo, oops!

The weekend was good but I am already tired.  

After getting off later than usual on Friday I still managed to get a quick work out in, along with laundry and dinner before picking up my sister at the airport.  Once at my mom's, Megan and I decided to tag team the nightshift for my mom together which was really helpful.  I took the 1:00 am shift and Megan the 4:00 am shift both nights down there.  Aunt Becky was fighting a cold so she really needed the extra sleep.  Normally, it is tough to get her to sleep through the night.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to feed the dogs and make my mom some breakfast.  Aunt Becky and I had the "day off" while my sister was home.  We first headed out to pick up some more CBD capsules (weed) for my mom.  These really seem to help with her pain and anxiety levels.  After our medicinal errands we decided to get lunch down on Ruston Way in Tacoma.  We chose The Lobster Shop and it was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed the amazing views of the water.

After our lunch we headed into Tacoma and browsed an antique shop for a few hours before heading back home.  The only purchase we made was a cable car tin box that Aunt Becky picked up.  Our next outing took us over to Georgia and Michaels for a "happy hour" where we enjoyed good company, drinks and finger foods!

Later that evening, Dustin came over to my mom's for dinner and we had a taco casserole that Georgia made for us. We all watched a movie up in my mom's room while we ate.  Afterwards, Megan and I decided to take a late night ice cream run in Dustin's truck using gift cards that we received over a year ago!

Sunday morning began with a refreshing 4 mile run with Megan followed by the 7 minute workout.  Dustin and I then headed to meet with a potential DJ at Starbucks and then headed to lunch afterwards to enjoy some "us" time in the midst of all of the continual chaos!  

After spending a bit more time at my mom's with Megan in town, I decided it was time to head out earlier than usual.  With Megan in town, I didn't feel the need to be with my mom all day since they were enjoying time with one another.

Dustin and I decided to drive around a few neighborhood areas that we might start looking at homes in (since West Seattle is out of our budget range).  I really am excited to see where the next few years take us.

Our night ended with a bowl of chips and two beers while we watched Good Will Hunting.  And yes, we did make a box of Mac & Cheese because sometimes comfort food is all you need!

Something fun that my sister put together!  Sisters through the good and bad.

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