Monday, January 6, 2014

Pumpkin Pie and Puppy Eyes

Happy Monday!  After listening to the news this morning about the frigid weather sweeping the nation, I was more than thankful to start my morning off with a crisp and sunny morning here in Seattle.

I spent my weekend down in Federal Way and am happy to report that my mom had a "good" weekend.  On Saturday morning I was able to take Mya out for a run around our 3.5 mile loop, which always helps boost my mood.  We had to run because we indulged in some pumpkin pie the night before ;-).  No not Mya, but she sure was close to snatching my piece.  What puppy eyes!

Yum . . . pie.

Most of my time spent with mom was when she was both awake and alert.  For lunch on Saturday she requested some PV take out and even convinced me to make her chili dogs for dinner.  Hey you gotta do what you gotta do!  I definitely think my mom takes full advantage of me being there, as she knows I will cook anything she wants or drive to get anything she wants.  Oh well, she did do that for me when I had my crohn flare ups.  Us sick ladies need to stick together!

On Sunday, our good friend Betty Ann came over in the morning to visit after my mom had asked me if she could see her soon.  It was so special to see her with Betty Ann again since my mom is not always in the mood to see people.

My Sunday was also special because I got to see Farrah!  We decided to forego our normal Teriyaki dates and tried out the juice bar at Marlene's, delicious!  I enjoyed my juice but definitely think smoothies are my thing!  Farrah and I are the type of friends that could sit and talk for hours.  We have such a special friendship, I am very thankful to have this pretty girl in my life.

After arriving home Dustin and I did some grocery shopping and then I worked on meal prepping and laundry.  I am so proud of Dustin because he is working so hard to incorporate project management into is his role at work.  Last night he worked hard to put together a one sheet on that what that will look like to present to his boss this week.

Before heading to bed around 10:00 pm Dustin and I were folding laundry when he asked me, "Do you think we will always have this much fun folding laundry?  Or do you think someday it will just be a boring chore?"

Dustin, thank you for thinking folding laundry is fun :).

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