Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 Ways to Bloom This Spring

This morning, I read a blog post this that discussed three ways to "bloom" this spring and I love the idea of setting and redefining goals for yourself.

Here are a few ways I would like to bloom this spring:

1)  Read More Books

Each day I have a morning and afternoon bus commute from West Seattle into downtown and vice versa, about 25 minutes each way.  I want to make sure I start reading more books during this time rather than being glued to my iPhone.  This week I am hoping to finish up the book "Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy".  My co-worker bought it for me and I am loving it so far!

2) Find Peace 

I had an odd sad moment last night.  I have had a good week at work, the sun was shining and we had fun at my mom's house.  Dustin and I had dinner with Greg, Becky, Debbie (in town from Ohio) and my mom.  It was a great night!  Why did I get sad?  I think I was dwelling which caused my mind to wander.  Dustin keeps reminding me to try to enjoy these moments the best that I can.  I need to, but so much easier said than done!

3) Enjoy The Chaos

My body handles stress in the most awful ways.  Not only do I need to keep my Crohn symptoms in line, I also get terrible blemishes on my face and the latest and greatest, and eye stye!  Oh boy!  My goal is to learn to embrace the chaos these next few months.  Let's be honest, things are going to get busy and emotional at some points too.

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  1. Love these!! I think you are so smart for recognizing to try to enjoy the craziness that is life!

    Also, those random sad moments can suck it. Seriously.