Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap + Birthdays!

Happy Monday! I had a fun and busy weekend filled with  two special Birthday celebrations!  Let's start with Friday.

I went down to my mom's house and we ate dinner and started to watch Frozen. Unfortunately, she was feeling sleepy and we didn't finish the entire movie.

I drove back up to Seattle to meet up with Dustin and our friends at Von Trapp's Beer Garden for Ben's (my cousin) 25th Birthday!  Yes, he is the tallest cousin and I am the shortest.

On Saturday morning, I had a 10:45 am dress fitting that Katie tagged along for.  Such a sweet friend!  I picked her up in Queen Anne and found her with two coffees in hand and we were ready to go.  We ran into crazy downtown traffic and missed the fitting.  Luckily, they had a 12:15 appointment available and the gals were very sweet and understanding.  After we picked up the dress, we headed to Target to get Addison a carseat for when she comes into town (on Friday!)  After a lunch at Red Mill Burger, nap and run, we were ready to celebrate Farrah's Birthday!  We grabbed flowers, pink bubbly and wrapped gifts.  Then, it was Matador time!

It was a fun filled Birthday weekend, Happy Birthday to both Farrah and Ben!

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