Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gallery Wall!

Whenever I ask Morgan for design advice, she always tells me to put together a gallery wall! I never knew which space of mine it would look good in or what pictures to use. I got ancy and wanted to switch things up, again.

So, after even more rearranging (more since my last post), dragging Katie to Target, shuffling objects around, taking some things secretly to my mom's garage (shhh!) and purchasing from Craig's List, I found space for our gallery wall! I found my inspiration here and used an ampersand from here and ended up with this! And why are white matte frames so hard to find?!

So after all of my hard work, I put Dustin to work because he actually uses a leveler and a tape measure.

While I drank some wine from our new bar cart. I guess you get a bar cart when you take Katie to Target with you!


1 comment :

  1. LOOKS SO GOOD!! I'm inviting myself over for a glass of wine and a sleepover.