Monday, March 10, 2014

Denver Weekend

I just returned home from a much needed weekend trip to Denver!  I have been feeling a little "blah" lately and felt the need to take a break from my normal weekend routine.  As much as I love being at my mom's house and spending time with her, it is really, really tough on me physically and emotionally.

After work on Friday I was able to take the light rail to the airport and catch my 6:20 pm flight to Colorado Springs thanks to super lower prices.  Our small plane offered free beer and wine and I was forced to enjoy "no screen time" with my book since my iPad movie didn't download.

I got off the plane and was greeted Thayer and Addison (in her footie pajamas).  Thayer mentioned getting a late night breakfast and I was hungry so it sounded perfect!

Our first day together started with a lazy morning making breakfast with Addy and drinking coffees. I had mentioned that I wanted to find a dress for my bridal shower so we decided to go shopping in Cherry Creek, my favorite area in Denver!  We didn't have much luck finding a dress, but I did find a Paper-Source shop and we had a great lunch at True Food.

We headed back to Thayer's apartment and made dinner for her sister and boyfriend who were joining us for dinner.  We also played lots of Twister and Helicopter!

After dinner, Addison's dad had texted Thayer saying he could watch Addy for the night if we wanted to go out downtown and we ended up taking him up on his offer.  So after we get her in her PJ's we went out!  We went to a Vodka Bar, the View House and ended at and Irish Pub.  We also met up with our long-time friend, Brianne!  

We took the ride share service, Uber, all around downtown which made everything so easy!

The next morning, we went to pick up Addison and went out to breakfast and then to Washington Park to meet up with one of my best college friends, Molly! 

I don't think Addison made one "normal" face this whole weekend, oh 4-year-olds!  After the park, we grabbed some frozen yogurt and picked up Addison's pottery.  Thayer and Addison made my mom and I such sweet gifts.  I cannot wait to show my mom what they made for her :).  Then I styled her hair (to match mine) and she kept saying "Molly we are rocking some buns!"

We drove up to Evergreen to have dinner and more dessert with Thayer's parents.  I am so in love with their new home and I love spending time with the family I grew up with :).

Addison stayed at her grandparents house since Thayer and I had to wake up at 4:15 am to drive to the Colorado Springs airport.  I had such a fun trip and am always so thankful for the memories the three of us girls create together.  I am excited to see them both shortly when they come into town for the shower.  Off to work now!

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