Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Special Day

Today is a big day for both of my parents.

My mom is going to St. Francis hospital this morning to have excess fluid (believed to be up to a GALLON) drained from her abdominal area.  We are praying that this will bring her comfort and that the procedure be quick and pain-free.  I was a little emotional last night after spending time with her.  I am traveling to Denver this weekend and am a little anxious to be away from her for a whole week. However, I am so greatly to have time away and know that her health is steady.

My dad is in Houston this morning interviewing with Bertolli Olive Oil.  My dad is always calm and collected and was not nervous when I talked with him last night.  I know he is keeping his faith in the Lord and has prepared to his greatest ability.

So, if you get a moment, please say a prayer for them both today :).

PS - I love how chic my mom looks in this picture and it is hard to remember what my dad looks like with hair!

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