Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity.

I decided to bus down south on Friday night so Dustin and I could avoid driving two cars around on Sunday.  It was a great decision because I felt completely relaxed down at my mom's house without having to worry about running errands, like I usually like to do.

So after my morning run with Mya I was able to spend the whole day sitting with my mom and helping her whenever she needed it.  It was great!

After Dustin and I attended church on Sunday we met with our Pastor (Chris), who will be marrying us, for our second session of premarital counseling.  Our sessions are usually around 2 hours and we both really enjoy them.  I always have this idea that we will "talk" through certain issues.  Instead,  Chris' approach (right now) includes going through scripture and learning about the foundation of marriage first and learning how to deal with issues as a whole. I really enjoy it!  He is also completely open to let us choose topics we want to discuss.

When we were done, we met up with Dustin's family and drove to Tutta Bella.  This is where we think we want to have our rehearsal dinner.  The biggest downfall is that there is no separate event room and they were a bit iffy about reserving their whole patio (complete with string lights and deck heaters) to us.  So, I am not feeling 100% confident even though the food would be fabulous and dessert would include a gelato bar!  However, we are all having way too much fun with the tastings we have done this week.  What a great excuse to be with family and indulge in lots of delicious pasta and pizza ;).

Once we returned home, we were able to catch the tail end of the Oscars (the best part in my mind) before heading to bed.  Solid weekend!

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