Friday, June 6, 2014


Back in October/November 2012 (pre-diagnosis) my mom had recently lost weight, started a new career and was feeling like her happy and healthy self again. She has mentioned a few times that she wanted all of the girls in the family to get "ILYTP" tattoos. Please keep in mind that my mom was neither a tattoo or piercing type of gal. But, she really had her mind set on the girls getting this tattoo and we were all on board. For some reason, we never made it happen.

ILYTP is a phrase that stands for "I love you to pieces". My Gran has been saying this since, well I am not sure when she started it, which shows how long it has been. After she passed (I was in 4th grade) the whole family continued to use this phrase on birthday cards, social media posts and saying it in person to one another. ILYTP is even on my Gran's headstone and the title of her book of short stories that was put together after she passed.

So, in my mom's honor, we all got matching ILYTP tattoos. The cool part about this is that we selected the same font that was used in my mom's memorial program.

I love it! I feel as if I am constantly carrying a piece of my mom with me.

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