Thursday, June 26, 2014

Desk Essentials

Working a full-time job can be draining, here are some of the items I keep at my desk that help me power through each day!

1) Hand Lotion - this is a must especially for Seattle weather! My hands get dry so easily, so I find myself constantly reaching for lotion. My co-worker used to love that I kept this stashed at my desk and would always reach out when she needed some as well.

2) Thank You Cards - when I keep a box of thank you cards at my desk, I have no excuse to not send them. My mom was so good at writing cards and I would love to continue her card "legacy". Plus, who doesn't like getting a card in the mail?

3) Washi Tape - not an "essential" necessarily, but I do like the pop of color it adds to my walls!

4) Mug - find a good mug that holds a lot of pens and pencils. Bonus if you can add your scissors in there as well!

5) EOS Lip Balm

6) Protein Bars/Snacks - to help fight the afternoon munchies! Also nice to have if you forget your lunch or have to delay your lunch break.

7) Contigo Water Bottle - I drink a ton of water during the day, so a water bottle is always close by.

8) "5 Days a Week" Desk Pad - I still love my monthly calendar, but this pad helps me focus on each day and allows me to write detailed "must-do" notes. I also like that it includes a section for weekend "to-dos"!

What's on your desk? Read more about my office and work tips here

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