Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend in Spokane

It always feels great to return to Spokane (where I attended Gonzaga University.)  My sister and brother-in-law live on the South Hill near Manito Park (pictured above) and I love when I visit them. I absolutely adore this neighborhood, endless flower gardens, the beautiful homes and water ponds that makes this area so quaint and charming. I also noticed that Megan had a Peony Bush in her front yard and wasted no time before putting together a bouquet for her home.

We were in Spokane to celebrate Megan's graduation from Eastern Washington University with Master's Degree in School Counseling. Dad, Karen, Uncle Greg, Craig, Dustin and Aunt Becky all joined in our weekend long celebration.

Our first night together took us to Luna, where each room housed had fresh peonies, the kitchen housed glass canisters, the decor was shabby chic, the ceilings were adorned with chandeliers and clean white dishes were hung on the wall. I was in heaven.

The next day, we scurried out the door and drove to Cheney, WA (where the EWU commencement took place.) Surprise! The weather was rainy and blustery for the OUTDOOR ceremony. We were all very happy that Megan was one of the first names to be called, shortly after we were all in our warm cars with heat on full blast! Soon after, we all took over her home to decorate and prepare a spread for her guests that would be arriving. 

That evening, after Aunt Becky and Uncle Greg left, the remaining crew enjoyed a pasta bar (+ GF) dinner + live music at Huckleberries Natural Market. The low-key setting was perfect since we all had full bellies from grazing all day long.

Before heading out the next morning, we all celebrated Father's Day together over breakfast.

From a previous EPR post, however this sums up my dad perfectly!

It is easy to love my dad.  He is strong, patient, loving, generous and kind.  He is the rock that my sister and I will always need.  He is always there to listen to us, love us and support us.  He is a stand up guy.  My dad has helped many people over the years both financially and emotionally.  He is a giver and a helper.  The one you call with any problem when you need a solution.  The one who will always believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself.  The one who will drive with you to work and then bus back home just so that you can drive in the carpool lane.  The one who brings the beer to the party.  The one who buys always picks up the tab. I will always love my dad through the good and the bad.

What a good weekend it was!

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