Monday, December 16, 2013

Half Lit Christmas Tree

On Friday night, Dustin and I decided to stay in and put up our Christmas tree.  I had previously only decorated by hanging up our stockings and door wreath.  Needless to say, our apartment was in need of some holiday cheer.  Dustin went out to pick up white string lights and a tree stand, we were ready to rock with our Christmas Pandora station!

We also worked on making a batch of Kentucky Eggnog via a recipe that Dustin's co-worker gave him.  The recipe said to let the batch sit for four days, so more on the taste results later!

Something I learned about Dustin, he is a light perfectionist!  He will argue with me on this, but he did take two hours to put up only half of the lights.  He claims that he only took 30 minutes with "some breaks".  Anyways, we ended up running out of lights, so our Christmas tree is only half lit!  We picked up more lights yesterday, so I am hoping to finish tonight ;-).  After the light fiasco, we ended our night by watching "We're the Millers", very funny!

On Saturday morning we headed down to my mom's house.  On our way down we stopped at Costco to pick up our Save the Dates, hooray!  I worked on addressing all of our envelopes while sitting with my mom.  It was a great way to knock it all out at once.  I used a return address stamp that was personalized which ended up being a big time saver.  

After I was done, Dustin helped lick and put on the stamps, and we were done!  Here is a sneak peek at what the front looks like:

Kudos to Morgan for the design!

Time with mom was good this weekend.  Aunt Becky allowed herself to take a real break while I was down on Saturday and most of Sunday.  She actually took naps!  Mom needs to get up to use the bathroom more and more which doesn't allow her much rest during the day.  Mom slowly continues to nibble on her food and takes small sips of water, which is good.  Nothing big to report after this weekend.  A few silly comments that made us all laugh:  

1)  Mom: "Molly will you put your Save the Date next to the picture of the time?" 
     Interpretation: She meant the clock

2)  Mom: "Here Molly, why don't you use the other side of my flag." 
     Interpretation: She meant her napkin

3)  Mom: "Oh drat, I fell asleep during Shark Squad last night" (She motions a puppet "hand shark")
     Interpretation: She meant "Shark Tank"

4)  Mom to Aunt Becky: "I am just waiting for Molly to come back up and sit with me"
     Aunt Becky to Mom: "She has been sitting with you for the last 3 hours!"

I know it is sad that her medicine is making her so confused, but we are all trying to find the humor in it.  She is saying some pretty funny things that not only puzzle us, but really make us laugh!  This blog is a good way for me to remember these types of things.  I am already looking forward to my time to see her on Wednesday!

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  1. I love reading these weekend recaps and I love hearing your mommas sweet one liners! And also I'd like to come sit on your couch next to your cute decorations and have some hot chocolate with you right now!