Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday Funday!

Yesterday morning was a sluggish day at the gym.  Even though I was able to fit two workouts into my holiday weekend, it was still rough getting back into the swing of things!   However, I needed that morning workout because after work we were heading over to Cameron and Jordan's amazing new home down in Fife for Monday Night Football!  Overall, it felt great to have a work out completed so I could enjoy the night out.

Thankfully, my work always lets us off a bit early to help fight traffic when there is a sporting event downtown.  This helped with my commute down south and I was able to make it back to West Seattle and then down to Fife at a decent time.

Time with Cameron and Jordan is always fun.  We are lucky to have so many great "couple" friends that both Dustin and I consider to be individual friends as well!  We were ready to watch the Seahawks vs. the Saints!  Thank you for hosting Cam and Jordan :).

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