Monday, December 9, 2013

Keeping Busy

Hello and Happy Monday!

After spending Friday and Saturday morning down with my mom, Dustin and I had a busy Saturday night to tend to.

We met in Tacoma at the Harmon Brewery to meet up with my my dad, Karen, my Godfather Guy, my great Aunt Gay and my Grandnan.  Gay and Guy are both in from Kentucky to visit my Grandnan and keep her company.  Since my Granddad passed away in September, Grandnan has been having a rough time mourning his death.  So it is good to visit her and keep her busy!  It was fun to see family from Kentucky, the last time I saw Gay and Guy must have been during our last Kentucky trip when I was in 6th grade.

After a quick bite to eat, Dustin and I headed to his company's (Art Morrison) holiday party.  We were ready for a good time, open bar and catered dinner!  This year is our 3rd year attending, wow time is flying!

We woke up on Sunday morning, made breakfast and packed our bags for the week!  We are currently housesitting for the Vander Ark's (Katie's family) while they vacation in Hawaii.  Which of course meant more driving, hooray!

We decided to take advantage of being down south for the week and met up with Cameron and Jordan again!  We met at their house before heading down to The Hub in Tacoma to watch the Seahawks vs. the 49er's.  Jordan and I believe we broke a personal record of ours by seeing each other twice in one week!

I think the boys took the game a bit more seriously than us girls . . .

Visiting with friends is always a good time.  However, I struggle with moments of sadness while out socializing. This is a big reason why I choose to stay in the majority of the time.  While out, I just keep thinking that it is time that I could be with my mom.  I am so thankful Dustin always supports whatever decision I make and friends who will continue to love me through the hard times.

Our night ended with a quick 30 minute visit to my mom's.  My favorite quote of hers was when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.  She looked and me and said, "Orange Chicken, are you going to eat it too?"  Clearly, her mind was on her dinner ;-).  

After a short visit, we headed back to the Vander Ark's and enjoyed watching "Breaking Bad"!

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