Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early Thanksgiving Festivities

Yikes!  My sister reminded me yesterday that I have not written on my blog in a while.  Oops!  Good thing we all have sisters to keep us accountable :).

My Thanksgiving festivities started last Monday when one of my best friends from New York came into town.  Katie is one of my beautiful bridesmaids and we have been friends since second grade.  She was actually my neighbor up until she moved to a different neighborhood in junior high.  Hooray for life long friendships!

We went to our favorite mexican place just up the street from my apartment, The Matador!

Our hair always seems to match!
Last week, I also spent some time baking a few goodies for both Dustin's and my co-workers.  I made a S&E favorite recipe, Pretzel Caramel Bark (via Princess in the Kitchen).  My co-workers LOVE this stuff.  Needless to say, this recipe is always a hit and very simple to make. I also whipped up a cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert.  My mom and I have been making this recipe for a few years now.  It is our absolute favorite, so I thought it would be fun to make it for her to have.  She loves it most when served with warm apples on top, so I made sure to include that as a side!

After a short work day on Wednesday, I carpooled with my good friend Spencer down to Federal Way to spend time with my mom before the guests arrived and chaos began.  We had a fun time watch Charlie Brown movies and eating pumpkin pie!

Mom asking me if I would cut her a slice of pie "like this".
Mya snuggled up on the bed made Aunt Becky a little grouchy ;).
The next morning I helped set up and clean up (it sure it hard to beat Aunt Becky to any chore!)  I had an hour before guests arrived so I bundled up and took Mya for a quick 2 mile run in the beautiful crisp weather.

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving Part Two!

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