Sunday, December 22, 2013

Phone Calls During Work

I keep my phone close to me at night and during the day just in case family needs to reach me. Today I received a text from Aunt Becky asking me to call her at my earliest convenience, she knew this week was busy at work.  I immediately called her back, expecting the worst.

She told me that hospice nurses have arranged for my mom to go to a Hospice facility in Tacoma tonight.  A transport team will be coming tonight between 8pm and 9pm to take her.

Here is what I know from our conversation:
  1. The nurse did not like my mom's "color"
  2. She has noticed that my mom's health has severely declined the last few weeks
  3. She is not getting enough nutrition into her body 
  4. Her empty stomach is not able to adapt to the large amounts of pain medicine that my mom requires for comfort
Hospice is assuring us that this is good.  They hope that being able to get nutrition in her via IV will help her tolerate her pain meds and get her on track and feeling more comfortable.

I am heading down now.  I'll be spending the night to relieve Aunt Becky.  My bags are packed as they always seem to be these days.

More updates when I know more information . . .

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  1. I love love love you. I'm glad they are going to be able to give her 24/7 care for a little while and make sure she is able to (safely) get all of her medicine.