Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Lights

Last night Dustin and I headed over to my mom's house to bring Aunt Becky and my mom some Hana Teriyaki (the best food, horrible service).

Once we arrived, Aunt Becky came to me scared and concerned.  She told me that earlier during day she heard a loud "THUD" that came from my mom's room upstairs.  She ran upstairs to find that my mom had taken a tumble.

My mom had gotten out of bed (on her own) to try and walk to her window because she wanted to see the neighbor's Christmas lights.  We are thanking God that she is okay.  It was very scary, especially for Aunt Becky.  We believe the medication must have fogged her mind, causing her to forget she cannot get out of bed and walk on her own.

It breaks my heart knowing that mom wanted to see the Christmas lights so badly that she ended up falling.  She could have dangerously hurt herself.  Earlier that week during my visit, she asked me which neighbors had their trees up and which neighbors had their lights up.   It was so sweet that she wanted to know.  You can see in the picture below that she has a partial view of one of the neighbor's house, with lights.
Mom's tree next to her bed!

Our trip was brief again and we left after only 2 hours so mom could get some sleep.  After we left, Dustin and I drove through the infamous Holiday Lights neighborhood down by the water.  This neighborhood is filled with extravagant lights and decorations every year!  I took some pictures to show mom so she could see her Christmas lights ;-).

So pretty and fun!  Driving though brought back one of my favorite childhood memories.  It was our family tradition to drive through and see the lights every year after Christmas Eve service.  I loved Christmas as a child because it was so magical and so special!

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