Monday, December 23, 2013

Thank you

I have been blessed with so many great friends through the ups and downs of life!  I can't thank everyone enough for their constant love and support.  Most importantly, thank you to all who still continue to love me even though I disappear at times when I am not feeling social and put up with me and my lack of communication over the past few weeks.

One amazing group of girls!
Georgia, a very special and precious friend. 
Me, Craig, Karen, Megan and Dad.
Deena, Katie, Manna, Me, Thayer and Farrah.
Thank you to Megan, Thayer, Katie, Morgan, Manna, Kristine, Bethany, Dad and Karen who have all have offered to help re-address our save the dates for us after they were stolen from the local post office drop box.

Thank you Dustin for loving me, standing by my side and always supporting me in each decision I make.  Thank you for putting in a Friends DVD when I need to smile and continuing to tell me that I can never disappoint you or make you feel bad when I leave our home constantly to spend time with my mom.

Thank you Dad and Karen for always making yourselves available to us even though you both live over 2 hours away.  Thank you for never making me feel like I am imposing.

Thank you Megan for always knowing exactly how I feel and not having to explain it.  Thank you Craig for supporting Megan.

Thank you Thayer for your visits, FaceTime calls with Addison and just simply understanding what it is like to see a loving mom sick with cancer.  Thank you for always justifying my crazy antics.

Thank you Katie for always spoiling me and my mom with flowers and cards, for making yourself available from across the country and always calling or texting to check in.  Thank you for opening up your homes to me in Phoenix and New York when I need a place to escape.

Thank you Morgan for sending your sweet emails, snail mail, home blogs and bible verses to me each day.  Thank you for your flowers that you would buy for me on your lunch break and dropping by just for a few minutes.  Thank you for allowing me to vent but also for venting to me and never letting me feel crazy.

Thank you Deena for leaving sweet voicemails and always rebuilding my faith when I feel like I have crumbled.  Thank you for being an amazing friend and always picking up right where we started.

Thank you to my amazing cousins, Ben and Lindsay, for uplifting me with kind words and laughing with me at happy hour and family gatherings.

Thank you to my Granddad and Grandnan who always encourages me in my faith.

Thank you Beca for always remembering me and checking up on me!  Thank you for our girl nights and making me smile!

Thank you Georgia for making me feel like family.  Thank you for baking and making dinners for my family.  Thank you for being a strong pillar for support, watching our dogs and making sure we are all okay.

Thank you to so many more people who are thinking and praying for my family constantly.  I hope one day to repay you for all you have done for me.

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